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Home of the Worlds ONLY BMW N54/N55 6HP28 & 6R80 Transmission Adapter Kits

GA1-V4 6HP28 Available Now - Free Shipping USA (Lower 48)

BMW N54 N55 E-Series - E9X, E8x, E6x - RWD & AWD Compatibility

GA2-V1 6R80 Available Now - Free Shipping USA (Lower 48)

BMW N54 N55 E-Series - E9X, E8x, E6x - RWD Compatibility

Comprehensive Product Design, Premium Materials, Direct Customer Service


      6HP28 What to know...


  • The 6HP28 is nearly twice as strong as an OEM Spec E-Series 6HP21.
    Utilizes readily available RWD & AWD 6HP28 Transmissions.
    These 6HP28s are found in BMW 335D, X5D and similar M57N2 3.0 Diesel Models.


  • OEM integration Utilizing Bosch Gen 2 ZF6HP28 TCU & custom transmission tune.
    Custom Tuning Support courtesy of xHP Flashtool & Sutphin Tuning.
    No standalone TCU or wiring required; Optional Aftermarket Standalone TCU Choices Available


  • 1 to 2 Day conversion process make it easy to get back on the road quick!
    Nearly Identical to OEM Transmission Replacement - Professional Shop & DIY Friendly.

    On Call Tech Support - We work hard to provide the best customer service & support.

  • Conversion Kit comes complete with everything needed to install the new transmission!
    Reuse your OEM flexplate, starter motor, driveshaft/differential & AWD Transfer Case.
    No fabrication,
    transmission tunnel modification, or guesswork involved.


  • Keep your existing transmission cooler setup or consult with us to easily upgrade.
    No matter your setup we have you covered with our included Custom Transmission Fittings & 8AN PTFE Line Kit.

  • BIG POWER reliability with room to GROW utilizing shared Racing components from the Ford 6R80 Transmission.
    Built Options for 1000+ ft-lbs of TQ; Upgraded Clutch Packs, Billet Internals, High Stall Converter, Launch Control.

  • With proper cooling, maintenance & fluid choice ZF 6HP Transmissions can outperform OEM Torque Ratings by up to ~50%.
    xHP rates their 6HP28 Stage 2 tune at 737 ft-lb/1000 Nm; Stage 3 tunes have torque limit removed!

    In stock form the 6HP28 can handle 600 to 800 ft-lb/813 to 1088 Nm with ease.

  • ZF OEM Torque Rating Comparison

    6HP19 Gen 1                  295 ft-lb/400 Nm

    6HP19Z/21 Gen 2        332 ft-lb/450 Nm

    6HP26 Gen 1                  443 ft-lb/600 Nm

    6HP26Z/28 Gen 2        516 ft-lb/700 Nm

        6R80 Gen 2                     590 ft-lb/800 Nm


"Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business."
Joshua Armstrong - Owner - Guru Autowerks LLC


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GA1-V1-N54-6HP28 Transmission Adapter
GA1-V4 RWD LAB-OVL 1440_edited.jpg
GA1-V4 AWD LAB-OVL 1440_edited.jpg
GA2-V1 RWD LAB-OVL 1440_edited.jpg


Helpful Information to Provide for Inquiries

  • Vehicle Year, Make & Model or VIN Number

  • Primary use; Daily or Weekend Street Cruiser?  or Dedicated Race/Track Car?

  • Current Estimated Power & Future Goals?
    Current Turbo Setup & PSI?


  • Stock Transmission Cooler or Other?

  • Stock Driveshaft & Differential or Other?

  • Stock Transmission Tune or Other?

  • OEM DME/ECU or Standalone? Current Engine Tuner?

  • Are you currently having transmission issues?
    Slipping, Shift Issues, DTC Codes, Limp Mode etc?
    If so please briefly describe your current problems.



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