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Guru Autowerks of Houston, TX is excited to announce the imminent release of our ZF 6HP26/28 Automatic Transmission Conversion Kit for the BMW N54 and N55 Engines. Our initial release is aimed at the E9X 335i models; development on other models will follow.


We will include everything you need to bolt in your chosen ZF 6HP26/28 transmission and say goodbye to your 6AT woes. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality, head ache free conversion kit possible with top notch support and customer service. We believe that working closely with our customers and installers is essential. You're not just buying a product, we are also here to provide guidance, receive feedback and help facilitate an easy installation process.


As the N54/N55 aftermarket support has continued to grow through the hard work of numerous enthusiasts and companies; the need for a stronger automatic transmission has also grown. There are several options for transmission conversions; each are unique and have various installation obstacles. Our kit brings an affordable OEM like solution to the table that doesn't compromise drivability, handles abuse well and is simple to install. We are proud to become a small part of the community for these amazing vehicles and the people who enjoy them.



What to know...


  • The 6HP26/28 is nearly twice as strong as an OEM Spec 6HP19/21 and readily available.


  • OEM integration, no standalone TCU needed or wiring required.

    Utilizes a Gen 2 ZF 6HP TCU programmed to the vehicle and a custom transmission tune.


  • No transmission tunnel modification or fabrication required.

    Normal transmission replacement knowledge, tools and process.

    Affordable solution with a plethora of options for enthusiasts and professionals.


  • Reuse your OEM driveshaft, starter motor, flexplate, exhaust system, turbo inlets/outlets and differential.


  • Keep your existing transmission cooler setup with our adapters to fit OEM or AN lines.

    Direct fit Transmission Cooler upgrade kits will also be available.


  • Custom driveshaft available to match your differential.

    Most common differentials are the BMW 215LW, BMW M3 LSD & Ford 8.8 LSD.

    Specifications for customers to provide their own driveshaft will be available.


  • Shared components with the Ford 6R60/80 transmission provides aftermarket support for building the transmission to handle over 1000 ft-lbs of TQ. Upgraded torque converters and valve bodies are also available.

  • With proper cooling, maintenance and fluid choice these ZF transmissions handle abuse well.

    There is evidence when taken care of they outperform ZF Torque Ratings by up to ~50%. xHP Tuners rates their 6HP28 Transmission Stage 2 tune at 737ft-lb or 1000nm. Stage 3 tunes have torque limit removed and these transmission have been known to handle over 1000ft-lb TQ in stock form by some of the worlds top tuners.


    ZF OEM Torque Rating

    6HP19                      295ft-lb or 400Nm

    6HP21                      332ft-lb or 450Nm

    6HP26 Gen 1           443ft-lb or 600Nm

    6HP26/28 Gen 2     516ft-lb or 700Nm


We are in the prototype testing phase and can't wait to bring this product to the market in early 2021!


Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for updates with more product details.


Please feel free to discuss here or contact us directly with inquiries.

Be sure to checkout our "Official Promo" thread on Spool Street for our conversion kit.


Thank you

Joshua Armstrong

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